Der Bay Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter

Cindy Paley

Dear Friends of Yiddish Music,

I will be teaching two upcoming Yiddish Music Classes. (Links below) On Sunday, February 28th, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm (PST) we will learn the folk songs of Mordechai Gebirtig, the greatest of the Jewish folk troubadours in Poland before WWII (Kinder Yorn, Yankele, Reyzele, Es Brent…..). 

There are three other wonderful presenters who are also part of YAAANA’s Yiddish through song package. (Daniel Kahn, Alejandra Czarny & Naomi Miller)
Click on the link below to register for just my class: Lomir Zingen Lets Sing the Songs of Mordechai Gebirtig

If you would like to register for the cultural package of all 4 music workshops, here is the link:

Join me on Tuesday mornings, March 23rd – April 13th, to learn and sing along to “Yiddish Songs of Love”
This course is offered through the Skirball Cultural Center

Blaybt shtark un gezunt,