100 Little Yiddish Words

a a
an an
abi if only
ale, alts all
alt old
arayn in, into
ariber over
arop down
aruf up
arum around, about
avek away
az if, that
aza such a
azoy thus, so, that is
bald soon
bay at, with
beyde both
bin am
bist are
biz until
bloyz only
dar thin
demolt then
der (m.), the
di (f.)(all pl.) the
dos (n.) the
do here
dokh yet, still, just
dort, dortn there
efsher perhaps
epes something
erev the eve of
er he
es eat, it
far for
far vos why
fray free
fremd strange
fri early
frum religious
fun of, from
genug enough
grob fat
groys large
gut good
haynt today
hob, hobn have
hot has
iber above, over
im him
ir her, you
itst now
iz is
kegn against, opposite
kimat almost
kleyn small
kurts short
lang long
lebn at, near
links left
mazl luck
mer more, a carrot
mit with
na here
nay new
neyn no
nit, nisht not
nokh after, still, another
nor only, just
nu well?
onton put on
ober but
oder or
oyf on
oykh also
oys over, through
reb Mr.
rekhts right (direction)
shlekht bad
shoyn already
take indeed, really
tayer dear
tog day
tomer if, perhaps
tsayt time
tsu, tsum to, toward
un and
unter under
untn below
varum why
vayl because
ven when
vi how, as, like
vifl how much, how many
vos what
vu where
vuhin where to
yo yes
yung young
zi she

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