Yiddish Links / Other Jewish Links

Links to Excellent Yiddish Sites/Groups:

A Garment Worker's Legacy - The Joe Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry

Arbeter Ring - Largest Fraternal Organization That Fosters Yiddish

Arele - Yiddish Workbook for Beginners--Yiddish, English, Spanish

Ari Davidow - The Premier Klezmer Site, Excellent Klezmer List

Asya's Picture Dictionary - Excellent Picture Dictionary

Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilization of Monash University - Translations of Yisroel Shtern

Bar Ilan University - Israeli University with Yiddish Program

Beit Leivik - Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel

Benny Swartzberg Post Card Collection - Collection of Early Post Cards

Bialik High School - Montreal H.S. Teaches Yiddish

Books by Marty Green - Songs and Stories by Marty Green

Braille in Yiddish - A Proposal

Brandeis University - Online Guide to Yiddish Studies at Brandeis University

Buffalo Yiddish Study Group - A Small But Exciting Group

California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language (CIYCL) - An Organization Dedicated to Preserving the Living Roots of Yiddish

Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity- A Very Innovative and Creative Approach to Yiddish

Chava Rosenfarb - An Important Holocaust Writer

Chicago YIVO - Excellent Branch of YIVO

Congress for Jewish Culture - Umbrella Group for Yiddish Organizations

Contemporary Yiddish Poetry - Original Work by 21st Century Poets

Copenhagen Yiddish Study-circle - Excellent New Group and Site

CYCO - Excellent Source of Yiddish books

Czernowitz / Bukovina Reading List - From the 2006 Reunion Group & Other Sources

Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archives - Searchable Database

Der Bavebter Yid - Excellent Yiddish Magazine on the Web.

Derekh Erets un Dermonung - Dedicated to Russian Writers. Worth Visit

Der Leyenzal - New Site with Interesting Lectures New!

Der LufTeater - Rafael Goldwaser, NEW Site in Yiddish, English, French and German

Der Moment - New All Yiddish Site

Der Yiddisher Gramafon - Discography of Early European Recordings of Jewish Music

Der Yiddisher Alef-Beys - An Excellent, Technical, Linguistic Must-See

Di Yam Gazlonim - Yiddish Version of Gilbert and Sulliivan The Pirates of Penzance

Di yidishe shraybmashinke - Converts YIVO transcription to Yiddish

Dora Teitelbaum Center for Yiddish Culture - Promotes Yid. Lang./Culture

Dovid Katz Website - His Books and Excellent List of Links

EPYC - YIVO Educational Program on Yiddish Culture--EXC.

Fishman Foundation for Yiddish Culture - Scholarship Awards

Forverts - The Only Secular U.S. Weekly Yiddish Newspaper

Freedman's Yiddish Song Archives/Database - Yiddish Song Database EXC.

Freidin Family of Zelva - Excellent Example of a Family Site

Harkavy's Y-E, E-Y Dictionary - An Excellent Source Along with Weinreich

Haruth Communications: Yiddish Stuff Page - Large Assortment of Links

Hatikvah Music International - Source of Yiddish and Other Jewish Music

Helen's Yiddish Dance Page - Dances of the Jews of Eastern Europe

Hebrew University - Prof. Novershtern, Prof. Szeintuch, and Dr. Zfatman

Index of /pub/academic/languages/yiddish - Source of Yiddish Recipes

Index to Yiddish Periodicals - At the Hebrew University, Jerusalem

In Geveb - A Journal of Yiddish Studies in English

In Moyl Arayn - A blog of food and Yiddish Words New!

International Institute of Social History/Yiddish Collection - Links to Collections

Internet Archives - 10,000 Yiddish Books from the YBC - Free Downloads New!

Japanese-Yiddish Club - Yiddish Club in Tokyo

Jewish Australia - Yiddish in Australia Information

Jewish Folk Chorus of San Francisco - Singing in Yiddish Since 1926

Jewish Music WebCenter - Excellent Resource, Includes Yiddish/Klezmer

Jewish Public Library - Montreal, Has Many Yiddish Programs and Classes.

Jiddischkurs Pfaffenhofen - Interesting Website from Germany

Jiddisch - Online Yiddish Course from Dusseldorf, Germany

Jiddisj - Yiddish in The Netherlands

JPPC - Jewish Peoples Philharmonic Chorus, NYC

Judaica Sound Archives - At the Florida Atlantic University Library

Kadimah - The Major Yiddish Site for Australia

KlezCalifornia - Premiere Yiddish Group of Northern California

Klezmer Shack - The Premier Klezmer Site, Excellent Klezmer List

Klezmer & Yiddish Radio Shows - Excellent List of Yiddish Radio Shows

KOP JIK International - Yiddish Daily News Media, Worth a Look

Languages-on-the Web - Lists Best Sites for Yiddish

League for Yiddish - A Must-Belong Organization--Publishes Afn Shvel

Lexicon of the Yiddish Theater - Memorial Book of Those in the Yiddish Theater lost in the Holocaust

Leybls Velt - Leybl Botwinik's Site

Leyvik House - Israeli Yiddish Cultural Center

Library of Congress - Yiddish Playscripts

Marty Green - On Foreign Soil, Performer

Medem Bibliotek - Excellent French Yiddish Library Center

Mendele - Premier International Yiddish Forum

Milken Archives - Great American Jewish Music

Minneapolis Yiddish Vinkl - Great local Yiddish Club

Museum of Family History - Excellent Section on Yiddish Theater - New Material Added Regularly

My Englidh Hebrew Dictionary - Excellent Lists of Hebrew Words

National Center for Jewish Film - at Brandeis University

Yiddish Book Center - World's Largest Yiddish Membership Org.

Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies - Offers Masters Degree Program in Yiddish

Poetry in Hell - Yiddish Poetry in the Ringelblum Archives (EXC) New!

Polish Virtual Shtetl - Site to Commemorate the History of Polish Jews New!

Raphael Finkel - Refoyl's Yiddish Resources, Superior

Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies - At Bar Ilan Univesity, Israel

reVILNA - The Vilnius Ghetto Project

Shneiderman Collection of Yiddish Books - Meyerhoff Center, U of MD

Sholom Aleichem Club - Philadelphia Based Group

Sholem Aleichem Cultural Center - Bronx Based Group

Sholem Aleichem -Refoyl Finkel's OCR of all of SA's Wrirtings New!

Soviet Era Yiddish Writers - Worth Visiting

Stanford University - Yiddish Website

Tam Tam - Absolutely, Must-See Newsletter

Tanakh in Yiddish - The Bible in Yiddish

Tel Aviv University - Wonderful Yiddish Summer Program

The Mendele Review Archives - A Must Visit

The Oy Way - Exercising in Yiddish Nu!

The Secular Yiddish Schools in America Collection - Archived at Stanford University

The Spoken Yiddish Project - Prof. Mikhl Herzog's Columbia Project

The Voice of Klezmer - The Elizabeth Schwartz Site

The World of Yiddish - Superior Site by Leonard Prager

The Yiddish Theater Channel - On You Tube

The Yiddish World of Michael Wex - Michael Wex Website

Tonja Solnik & DreamSong Recordings - Traditional Jewish Folksongs

Understanding Yiddish Information Processing - Users Guide to Yiddish on the Internet

Universitat Trier - Great Resource for Transliterated Material for Clubs and Classes New!

University of Chicago Yiddish Program - Yiddish Tish with Prof. Jan Schwarz

University of Pennsylvania - Yiddish Language and Literature at U of Penn

Users Guide to Yiddish on the Internet - The Latest Information

Vilnius Yiddish Institute - Absolutely Worth Visiting

Virtual Shtetl - Exc. The #1 Yiddish site, Lists, Yiddish Sites, Dictionaries, Newspapers, etc.

Welcome to Yiddishnet - List of Yiddish Links New!

Wikipedia af yidish - Yiddish Version of Wikipedia, Online Encyclopedia

Winchevsky Centre - Toronto-Based Secular Organization Emphasizing Yiddish

Yankl Halpern - Japanese Yiddish Club Publishes Der Yapanisher Yid

Yahoo, Yiddish Teacher's List - Excellent, Lori Cahan-Simon,

Yiddish Culture in America - to the Topic

Yiddish Dictionary Online - Excellent for Words in Transliteration

Yiddish Far Kinder - A New Children's Site, Good Songs

Yiddish in 10 Lessons - Good Basic Program New!

Yiddishkayt - Los Angeles-Based, Excellent Programs

Yiddish of Greater Washington - One of the Major U.S. Yiddish Clubs

Yiddish Poetry in the Ringelblum Archives - Poetry in Hell Translated by Sarah T. Moskovitz New!

YiddisPop.com - New and Exciting Way to Learn Yiddish New!

Yiddish Radio Project - Co-production, Sound Portraits and Living Traditions

Yiddish Rutgers University - Excellent Yiddish Program

Yiddishshpiel - Yiddish Theater in Israel, Worth Visiting

Yiddish Song of the Week - Edited by Itzik Gottesman

Yiddish Songs Online - Transliterated Songs

Yiddish Sources - Comprehensive Source of Yiddish Information New!

Yiddish Stories - Tales of Modern Day Life in Yiddish

Yiddish Stuff - Has Many Yiddish Links

Yiddish Voice Radio - Premier Yiddish Radio Program

Yiddish Web - French Website

YiddishWit.com - List of Proverbs and Curses in Yiddish, English and Translieration New!

Yiddish Word-of-the-Week - Sends a new Yiddish word with complete explanation

Yidish Lider - Great French Site for Yiddish Songs

Yidishe Heftn - Only European Monthly Review in Yiddish - Published by Cercle Bernard Lazare, Paris

Yisroel Shtern Project - Interesting site with English Translations

YIVO - Premier Yiddish Research Institute

YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe - Most Comprehensive Source of Information on the Topic

Yugntruf - Premier Young People's Yiddish Group

Yung Yidish - A Major Israeli Yiddish Site

Zemerl - Interactive Database of 300 Songs

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