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1. How Fishl Won the Honorary Nar Award
2. My Friend from Chelm
3. Our Yiddish Club Prepares to Visit Chelm
4. The Last Days Before Embarking to Chelm and the Garden of Eden
5. Our Yiddish Club’s Journey to Chelm and the Garden of Eden
6. Our Yiddish Club’s Arrival in Chelm and the Garden of Eden
7. Our Yiddish Club in Chelm and the Garden of Eden
8. Our Yiddish Club in Chelm and the Visit to a School and a Library
9. Why A Hen’s Comb Falls Over
10. Our Yiddish Club in Chelm Visit a Hospital & Firehouse
11. Our Yiddish Club’s Last Full Day in Chelm
12. Our Yiddish Club’s Return to the U.S.—Nar Proposes A Plan
13. Problems Arise in Nar’s Proposed Plan for the Chaim Chelm Cheder (CCC)
14. Nar’s Plan for the Chaim Chelm Cheder (CCC) Cave Environment
15. Minutes of OYC March 20, 2005
16. The First Chelmrolet Rolls Off the Assembly Line!
17. Chelm Convenes a Beth Din
18. Discovery of a Lost Chelm Manuscript
19. Moishe the Mikve Maker from Minsk Visits Chelm

20. The Chelm Comicbukh—A Bestseller
21.The Chelm Chocolate Candy Company (CCCC)

22. “Is God an Old Man?” A Chelmer Asks
23. The Invention of the C.H.E.L.M.
Chelm Gets A Landsmanshaft
25. How Chelm Became the World Center for Alzheimer Patients

26. The Chelmer Gaon and Chess
27. Ellen Grinshpan and the (CFRB) Chelm Federal Reserve Board
28. Mayn Shtetele Chelm
29. The Chelm Talis & T’filn Co.
30. Chelm Computer Club Committee
31. The Chelm Banking Problem
The Chelm vs. Lublin Wagon Race
33. Discovery of the Book of Chelm
How Chelm Really Was Created
Chelm’s Bill of Rights
36. Why Chelm Needed a Navy
Chelm Copyright Code (CCC)
The Famous Chelm Get Case
Chelm Has a Duel
40. Chelm's Model Jail
41. Khlavne, Chelm's Famed Clarinetist
42. Chelm Gets Electricity
43. Emperor Chew Chow Visits Chelm
44. Chelm Gets a Municipal Golf Course

45. Chelm’s Nronim and Noronim
46. Chelm's Great Political Debate
47. Chelm Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes
48. Yankl's Yiddish Yacking and Yodeling
49. Chelm's Philharmonic Symphony
The Marx Brothers Visit Chelm
51. A Chelemer's View of America
52. Chelm's First Skyscraper
53. Chelm's Scientific Journal
54. A Chelemer Goes to Heaven
55. Chelm Gets a Trolley
56. An Anonymous Gift

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