Der Bay

                 The International Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter



                                           February 2009                                                                                                                                Vol. XIX No. 2


Der Bay in Cyberspace


The Website


Der Bay’s website continues to expand and is one of the most significant in the Online Yiddish Community. Some of the other great online sites include:


  Ari Davidow’s Klezmer Shack,


  Refoyl Finkel’s Yidish veb-bletl (he is one of the foremost Yiddishists and computer experts),


  Mark David’s The Yiddish Voice is the premiere Yiddish radio site,


  Iosif Vaisman’s Virtual Shtetl is surely among the 3 top Yiddish sites and possibly the #1.


  Leonard Prager z”l, was the editor of Di Velt fun Yiddish is “devoted to Yiddish language, literature and folklore.”


  Yiddishkayt LA is probably the best regional site for Yiddish activities.


There is no room to detail the extensive list of the other great specialty sites to be found on

Der Bay’s list. They include: Zalmen Mlotek’s Folksbiene for theater, Sharon Rivo’s National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, Henry Sapoznik’s Living Traditions, the parent group for KlezKamp and others.


Der Bay’s website at is by far the most varied and a good starting point for

Researching the numerous areas of Yiddish. It is the source for lists of Yiddish clubs, teachers and translators and has the most comprehensive calendar of Yiddish events internationally.

FREE Abbreviated Online Version


For anyone who finds it very difficult to send chai or wants to save paper, the availability of Der Bay online is an excellent substitute.


As a varsity college debater, I could argue for the merits of going online. For example, it would conserve paper and the trees or rags from which the paper is made.


On the other hand look at the financial hardship it would cause the printer and the mail carrier. In addition the online version is only 8 pages, half the size of the hardcopy.


Seriously, this is a personal matter. My concern is that we keep in touch with as many as possible of our libhobers of our mame-loshn.


Over the 18 years, Der Bay has absorbed the increase in printing and postage. It will never be more than chai. Those who can’t afford it will continue to get it for whatever they send.


We have truly been blessed, for most readers have sent in a little extra and some have really stepped up to the plate. It has not only helped, but been greatly appreciated.


Currently many of the new online subscribers are from overseas. This surge in readership is very heartening. While the postage for U.S. copies is 59 cents and will go up in several months, the overseas rate is $1.80. Thus the postage alone for the 10 annual issues is $18. There will not be a different suggested rate for anyone and readership continues to grow especially among younger readers.