Der Bay

                 The International Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter



                                           January 2009                                                                                                                       Vol. IXX No. 1


Der Bay Celebrates Its Chai Issue

Peering Backward & Looking Forward


WhatŐs Happened?


This issue has a potpourri of old and new articles. Mere words of gratitude are insufficient to thank the many contributors who had multiple articles or a series. Among the many are:

Ed Goldman, and his Comic Bible Scenes in Transliteration (the most ever requested);

Gella & Shikl Fishman, and their Secular Schools in America Archives at Stanford Univ.;

Morrie Feller, articles using the Hebrew/ Yiddish alphabet;

Goldie Adler Gold, Shayles un Tshuves that are transliterated articles from the Forverts.,

Troim Katz Handler, stories and translations are distributed to our 100 IAYC Yiddish Clubs;

Staley Siegelman, novel poetry in transliteration and English translation;

Archie Barkan, many articles and a dear friend;

Yosl zÓl & Chana Mlotek, their songbooks;

Sheva Zucker, about her textbooks;

Sonia Pressman Fuentes, Jewish geography;

Hilda Rubin, several skits;

Harold Ticktin, several articles and chaired the IAYC conference in Cleveland;

Daniel Galay, Yiddish in Israel;

Rochelle Winer, Yiddish news of South Africa

Jack Halpern, Der Yapanisher Yid;

Yoshiji Hirose, impressions of Yiddish in America;

Iz Kugler zÓl, series on the Yiddish Theater; Pascal Curin, History of the Jewish Community of Alsace and Lorraine;

Dovid Kunigis, articles and wordlists;

Meyer Zaremba, Freud un fargenign;

Oscar Antel, Yiddish news of Winnipeg;

Leybl Fridhandler, anecdotes;

Dorothy Wasserman, Eng.-Yid. Computing;

Van Wallach, Yiddish films and videos.

WhatŐs Not Coming?


While further increases in publishing costs and postage are as sure as the sun rises every morning, there never will be an increase for this newsletter. It has been chai from the first single page issue to todayŐs 16 pager. Because most have sent Ňa little extra,Ó it has made the situation tenable.


Another guarantee is that there never will be

a paid ad—only honest reviews.


WhatŐs Coming?


Because of the increased number of readers having access to e-mail, readership is increasing greatly. The abbreviated issues

are sent free to anyone requesting it online.

The greatest increases are in Canada and Israel followed by Europe and Australia.


Der BayŐs website continues to update and expand. Anyone can request the abbreviated edition (a selection of 8-10 pages) of the hardcopy, by signing up at the homepage,


Additional links to Yiddish Sites and Other Jewish Sites are being added. Be sure to check the listing accuracy of your club, class or band. There is a Google search box on the homepage only for the Der Bay website.


Information upcoming IAYC conferences will be included. We are very close to announcing the site of the IAYC Bar Mitsve Conference and who will chair this historic meeting.