Der Bay

                 The International Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter



                                           December 2008                                                                                                                            Vol. XVIII No. 10


IAYC Looks Back at the Last Conference and Ahead to the Bar Mitzvah


Highlights of the La Jolla Conference


Starting with a magnificent setting, a great hotel, wonderful climate and the superior leadership of Norman Sarkin and Bella Suchet, it is like siring

a champion. The conference centerpiece was the award acceptance speech by Lilke Majzner and

the introduction by Sabell Bender. Native Czernowitzers were; Professors Julius Scherzer, Meinhard Mayer, and Iosif Vaisman


Because Fishl was not able to attend, Norman, Bella and Debbie Herman (who filled in for Fishl) made several major, trendsetter changes.


Norman’s photo panels about Czernowitz were a showstopper. The last-minute absences of 2 key presenters gave them the chance to improvise with wonderful innovations. The Monday finale saw a bevy of entertainers supporting Cindy Paley in a rousing close to a wonderful show.


The formation of the International Association of Yiddish Teachers (IAYT) was successfully carried out. The moderators and presenting teachers were in 4 panels. They now have the beginning of a website at: that lists the 4 panels and the 35 Yiddish teachers who attended the conference.


Evaluations gave ratings to the lectures of good to superior. The highest were Kolye Borodulin and Miriam Koral. Entertainment ratings were very good to “superb”. The highest in this category was Elizabeth Schwartz, singer of Hot Pstromi. The Workmen’s Circle was the leader in sponsorship, presenters and entertainers. This is the third consecutive conference Adrienne Cooper and W.C. has played this pivotal role.

Looking Forward to the IAYC Bar Mitzvah


This was the second time that a conference was held on the West Coast—the previous one was in Los Angeles at the International Conference Center on the UCLA campus. IAYC now has completed a dozen successful conferences in different cities with different conference chairs. What is ahead in the future?


The parent organization, the International Association of Yiddish Clubs (IAYC), now has 100 member clubs in Canada, Israel, South Africa, as well as in the United States.


With each conference it has assumed more and more of the planning duties. This conference in La Jolla was the first time that the registration was not handled by the local committee. Debbie Herman of Lakeland, Florida took over this task and stepped into a leadership role at the last minute to help Norman and Bella. Fishl missed his first conference; he had attended all previous eleven. Marcia Gruss Levinsohn and Hilda Rubin remain as the only two who have attended all twelve IAYC conferences.


Dear reader, are you the one to step forward and be the next conference chair? Are your city and your friends ready to host the prestigious IAYC bar mitzvah conference? IAYC is ready to send a committee to meet with you and put a deposit on the next site!


Norman Sarkin had not attended a conference before last year, when in Cleveland he came forward and said, “La Jolla is your city and I am your person.” For Bella, the co-chair, this was her first conference!